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PMS specific tutorials created by Mr. Alesch are between 4 and 12 minutes in length. They are intended to give a deeper understanding of each topic than just short how-to videos. If you are looking for short, 1 to 2 minute how-to videos, then you should go to the quick reference section.

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Quick Reference

Schoology already has many short 1-2 minutes help videos, and quick reference PDF's available. This Quick Reference section will help you find what you need so you can get your courses set up quick and easy.

PMS Schoology Quick Reference - This was built as a mobile app that works on both IOS and Anderoid devices, but can be used through a desktop browser as well.

App Icon Buttons

This Google Doc contains "button" style icons of some popular applications that teachers might link to from Schoology. You can simply update the link of the button (directions included) and paste them into your Schoology course to have working, "button" style links.

PMS Schoology Logo Buttons

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